Political Consulting

Ceiba Consulting has been the general consultant or ‘GC’ for political campaigns at every level of government throughout various states. Depending on your particular campaign, Ceiba Consulting can act as the lead consultant or as part of your political team.

When acting as the general consultant, Ceiba Consulting takes on the lead strategic role, and depending upon the type, budget and circumstance of your campaign, Ceiba may assist your campaign in selecting a team of political experts.

What separates Ceiba Consulting from its competitors is our leveraging of technology in political campaigns.

Our experience allows Ceiba Consulting, to offer the following mix of political consulting services:

Political Strategy

Ceiba will work with you to understand what type of political campaign you want to run.

Ceiba Consulting does not run cookie-cutter campaigns. We will advise on everything from assembling your volunteer and paid staff–to the final 72 hour plan–to closing down a winning campaign. We have been through many political battles, and your campaign will benefit from those scars.

Ceiba is a firm believer in written campaign plans. Our plans are comprehensive, include campaign budgets, include campaign milestones, voter contact goals, and provide an analysis of the district & political environment.

Political Research

Starting your campaign without doing the proper research…is well…just plain not smart. Why a candidate or campaign would make such a huge investment of time, money, energy, and sacrifice without the initial research needed is beyond our comprehension.

Ceiba Consulting leverages technology to perform extensive district analysis, voter analysis, data mining, opposition research and polling.

This essential research leads to better planning, a better campaign plan, and an increased chance of victory.

Political Media Buying

Ceiba’s genesis is in political media buying. We understand media buying, and we are completely agnostic when it comes to our approach to media– whatever media mix of traditional media & new media best reaches our targets with the correct frequencies is used. Our political consultants play no favorites, you get the best results.

Political Social Media

Ceiba Consulting’s constant evolution and emphasis on continual improvement makes it a leader in political consulting in this new era of political consulting.

Ceiba Consulting creates, implements, and trains campaigns on the use and integration of social media. We share the benefits and the risks of political social media.

Political Web Design

Ceiba Consulting understands the unique characteristics of web sites used in political campaigns. The speed of which one needs to be deployed, the requirements of content management in political campaigns, the integration of social media, and the need to utilize as campaign fund-raising tool.

Ceiba has over a decade of experience in building and deploying campaign websites.

Political On-line Advertising

We reiterate our cry of it is NOT new media, just media. On-line advertising offers campaigns incredible Return on Investment or (ROI) combined with incredible analytics.

Political Direct Mail

Ceiba Consulting has developed and executed political direct mail plans for every level of political campaigns in Florida. Whether we utilize our in house creative department or partner with other political direct mail consultants will be a decision we make together after a careful review of the campaigns requirements.

Political Video Production

Ceiba Consulting has video production capabilities in house. We utilize state of the art High Definition camera equipment and edit on Apple’s Final Cut Platform. Our video production has won multiple awards for our political television production and video for the web production.

Also depending on the size, budget, and location of the campaign, Ceiba Consulting will partner with other Political Media Consultants to deliver a product that drives home the emotion needed to win.

Political Radio Production

Ceiba Consulting has audio production capabilities in house. As the 2011 Pollie Award Winning (the Oscars of Political Consulting) Ceiba Consulting Radio Ads are a cut above the rest.

Even though, we think we are pretty good, Ceiba will partner with other political audio production firms when the size, budget, and requirements of the campaign are best served. …)

Political Polling

Whether traditional bench mark polling or the new IVR polling, Ceiba will bring over two decades of survey development, survey implementation, and survey analysis to best serve your campaign.