Community Relations

A major first step in any development project is to focus on establishing strong, high-quality community relations. For instance, New York City is well-known for its community opposition and unique local politics, and a proposed change in any of its fifty-nine community districts introduces neighborhoods to an expectation of uncertainty. Concerned citizens and community activists – well versed in the city’s complex land use and environmental review procedures to oppose initiatives – can be quick to perceive projects as disruptive, catalyzing public opposition that leads to delay or defeat of projects.

With an extensive network of personal relationships with community leaders across various municipalities, our staff of community relations consultants help our clients craft effective proposals and strategies to build strong support from communities by focusing on ongoing communication and fair negotiation to address community concerns. Our methodology to achieve success in this area relies on a heavy dose of political intelligence, mobilizing support and creating a long-term, ongoing relationship with the local community.